Stalled Out Dreams? Get Your Mojo Back!

It’s November and we have all successfully transitioned from summer to fall. During these seasonal transitions, we often reflect on where we are and what’s next on our “to do list.” Holidays are just around the corner which makes this the perfect time to revisit goals and recommit to our dreams. Just because we’ve become busy, distracted or lost focus doesn’t mean we can’t return to a place of clarity. Here is a list of the most common ways people lose their mojo.

  1. Listening to the WRONG people–We hear it over and over again. People leave residency, a physician retreat or professional conference feeling inspired, convicted and ready to go and then…. Someone asks about your plans. It feels innocent. You take a risk and share your enthusiasm, your hopes and dreams. You feel the “pause,” and throat clearing before the words are even uttered. “Be careful you are warned. Don’t lose your head. It’s important to be realistic.” Seeds of doubt are planted, you waiver and the seeds take root!
  2. Negative Self-Talk–Seeds of doubt planted, it’s easy to start questioning yourself. Empowering thoughts evaporate. You hesitate to proceed with your strategic plan. Hesitation morphs into “taking a break from it all.” A break extends into avoidance and avoidance becomes inertia. Change the way you talk to yourself. Don’t feed the inner critic. Awaken afresh the dreamer and innovator.
  3. Forgetting to inspire and motivate yourself EVERYDAY–This is as important as eating. If you don’t fuel your dream, you will begin to forget what your dream even is. You MUST inspire and motivate yourself daily. Inspiring music, videos and books, walks in nature, long talks with friends all conspire to motivate us anew.
  4. Ignoring successes, progress and breakthroughs–Most of us are only too willing to speak of our defeats and failures. We nurse these wounds and worry about repeating them. Meanwhile, we are performing heroic feats daily, juggling impossible workloads and maintaining complex relationships. Why do we ignore ALL that we are accomplishing and focus instead on what’s left to do?
  5. Keep moving–Dreams become goals, goals become actions, actions become the literal life you create for yourself. You don’t need to get it perfectly right, just do SOMETHING, anything…

Need help? Ask for it. Don’t isolate. Reach out.

Published by Sydney Ashland

Sydney Ashland is a Medical Practice Consultant and Certified Professional Coach with 20+ years experience using her unique, Rapid Pattern Integration Technique and proven business strategies to effect permanent change in physicians’ lives.

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