Going Viral

Words matter. They can actually be more impactful than actions. Words incite wars, peace treaty agreements, long-term commitments and social contracts. Without communication we are impotent…powerless. A word that has been invoked a myriad of times online, across multiple platforms, is the word “VIRAL.” How many times have you heard someone describe a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube post as going viral? We wait with baited breath for our communication to multiply exponentially, traveling the globe. We covet recognition, fame and fortune. Now that we are experiencing the very REAL impact Covid-19 is having, we understand the concept of what going viral REALLY means. 
Honestly, I am reticent to ever use that word again to describe the propagation of an idea or content. We are experiencing collectively the speed with which a deadly virus can reproduce, drift and shift.Perhaps taken in this context, the naysayers and disbelievers will pause. The “overnight” sensations that have been made through a viral post are commonplace. We have seen the effects of these posts that inspire, educate, provoke or destroy. This contagion is no different. Its destructive force is felt physically, financially, psychologically, collectively. This virus is real. Its destructive impact is real. Please, take it seriously. Protect those you love. Advocate for the physician, nurse or health professional who is courageously fighting on your behalf. The speed at which this virus travels is mind blowing.
Right now we are immersed in the language of this pandemic. Let’s use the viral energy for good. Let’s infect our world with acts of viral courage, viral compassion, viral kindness, viral empathy. If we do, our healing and recovery is assured.

Published by Sydney Ashland

Sydney Ashland is a Medical Practice Consultant and Certified Professional Coach with 20+ years experience using her unique, Rapid Pattern Integration Technique and proven business strategies to effect permanent change in physicians’ lives.

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